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knitwear garments

Kulali Exports works on the principle of 'prevention is better than cure'. Our company is committed to nothing less than complete customer satisfaction. Thus, we make sure we provide high quality garments.

We conduct quality checks at every stage of garment manufacturing. Our main motto behind practicing and implementing a strict quality check is manufacturing of a
product with
zero defects.


At Kulali, we follow the DRIFT (do it right the first time) concept. We work towards restricting manufacturing defects from the very beginning and at every stage and assure consistent desired quality until the final shipment of the product. All our manufacturing practices conform to industry set standards and are as per buyer specification. We also provide M & C inspection like SGS, ITS and B- Veritas and "0" level quality also. Some of the tests we conduct are colour fastness, perspiration and shrinkage stability.

We have an international quality assurance technology system which is managed by well experienced textile technocrats. We believe that quality can only be achieved through training and total employee involvement.


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